My latest Forbes post.

It makes you wonder what else is out there and what has been permanently lost.


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That was great, thanks. Makes one want to refine "dilapidated"! I thought it was The Shadow lurking around somewhere - turns out it was extremely rare vintage sports autographs! 

Thanks, Eric.  I love the Shadow reference!


I also wonder about what is literally lying around. I recall finding a small room in a friends house under a staircase - lots of vintage movie posters from the 20's and 30's and in very good shape having been out of the light. I've seen just enough that I do get a small tingle whenever I have to de-frame something old. You never know. Just because the Antiques Roadshow guy mistook that 1962 Titanic Historical Society reproduction menu as genuine doesn't mean there can't be some gem sleeping in a frame somewhere. It is very exciting!

Yes, Eric. Don't forget walls stuffed with insulation like advertising signs.




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