Fake Beatles '65 signed album with Donald Frangipani and Myron Ross COAs on Ebay


Surely Ebay will remove this garbage -- or won't they? 

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Myron Ross?  Heroes & Legends? I haven't seen his name attached to anything in a long time! Fragipani?  One of the stars of "Operation Bullpen" with the FBI. Anything with Frangipani's name is SUPPOSED to have been banned from Ebay!!! 

We always stress "Do Your Homework" when it comes to Beatles autographs and memorabilia. It says that there are 5 people watching this on Ebay. That's 5 people who haven't done their homework. 

they won't take it down unless people report it... with the banned COA on display in the listing, it shouldn't take long once they are made aware.

There have been times in the past when I got in touch with Ebay and had to tell them that a banned COA was on their site...

Here's a Jim Morrison forgery that's currently on eBay with Heroes & Legends and Frangiapani COAs.


Funny how people don't know that advertising your item has a Frangipani and/or Myron Ross (Heroes and Legends) COA is like waving a huge "THIS IS A FORGERY" Flag!

I cannot remember that last time that Ebay removed an item that is associated with anyone on their own Banned COA List.

They don't care.

The Morrison signature was purchased on eBay from Heroes & Legends (heroesross) for $705, and is now framed with an asking price of $5,600 (or $7,500 BIN). 

In over 20 years, I have yet to see an authentic autograph with a COA from Frangi.

So far two reports to eBay and nothing done yet. I'll call today and escalate this until it's removed. Let's see how long it takes.
looks like it's gone now.
Yes it's not in the closed or ended auctions so eBay took it down. Another one for the Good Guys!!!



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