So not only is this not Freddie Mercury's handwriting, but it is also packed full of incorrect information about Mercury. Whoever wrote this claims to be Freddie and claims to have gone to school in Switzerland? Mercury never attended school there. This can't be a genuine Epperson LOA right?

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Yeah I'm not sure why this thread is attracting people a year after it was finished but I'm sure everyone who reads it will see that although this item was indeed fake, Jeff and Roger responded to my letting them know in the best way possible. The item was pulled and refunds were given. Nobody gets it right 100% of the time. Jeff's reliability or rep is still in good standing.

Dear Mr. Innuendo! no no not all..i just was searching thorugh the web freddie mercury letters if they are for sale ad i found this auction website and was happy that some letters exist for sale and then I also found on the web this discussion regarding freddie mercury letters. I opened the file and it was the same from the auction I saw so I wanted to replay...I did not read your disccusion fully then. i wanted to read it before i go to sleep as a treat:) The guys just stepped in beacause we were having a discussion about Ray Charles signature and the discussion got heated a bit. You can look it up Ray Charles Fake? is really intersting maybe you have some thoughts on it tooXP I guess the guys got an email because every time you post you get an email if you want and so they just read what I maybe posted, is my thought:) Thank for your reply:) and I think it is great how things turned out:) and how you all managed the situation:)thumbs up:D

If you see a Roger Epperson cert on ebay you need to verify it with Roger.

This hobby is nuts.
Indeed. It's sad that it's come down to that, but forgers are hitting new lows daily.
This letter was previously up for sale at International Autograph Auctions. I'm not familiar with them, but after having looked them up here I'm getting a mostly positive rep. Some cautionary warnings, but most trending to the positive. Unfortunately, this was an item they offered that was not genuine.
The COA and the signature look real to me, but you need to ask Roger. Is it for sale by Record Mecca? They are top-notch very careful and Roger is very sharp on Queen.

The signature looks good to me but I don't know Freddie Mercury's handwriting or history.
Unfortunately, this item is very fake. Yes, it's currently up for sale on ebay. What would be the best way to contact him, Steve? Through his website or does he still login here?

He comes here occasionally but not often.

Thanks. I emailed a different address, but I'll forward it to that one.

The COA looks right. 

I emailed him. This item is being spread like wildfire between Queen fans who don't even know his handwriting but know his history and know that he never attended school there as it claims. I'd hate to see an honorable seller get slagged for one item he genuinely thought was real.

Is is being sold on eBay by Record Mecca?



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