Okay well I have a few autographed items and I want to know if they are real or fake.

I got them from a supposed reputable charity auction

They are meant to be signed by film stars Liam Neeson, Famke Jansenn, Maggie Grace and Sigourney Weaver and singer Dido so if you have knowledge on their autographs then please help me determine whether or not these autographs are real or not. Thanks! 

Liam Nesson real or fake?

Famke Jansenn real or fake?

 Maggie Grace real or fake?

Sigourney Weaver real or fake?

Dido real or fake?

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The Liam looks strange.

Yea I was thinking that too as when I look and compare it to other autographs I see online it does look a bit different especially the last 2 letters. I'm not sure if these other images online are real as I have never seen an authentic autograph of his before but they all look to have different last 2 letters, mine seems to be the odd one out there

Kind of sucks if it is fake as where I got it from seemed very much reliable and has good reputation it even has various different celebrities helping them with promoting their auctions at times but unfortunately the listing never mentioned who donated it in fact the listing had barely any info on it at all I just bought it due to their good rep and the fact celebrities sometimes help with promoting I was convinced I was bidding on something good and now I'm not sure any more =(

Can you send a link to the seller?

Yup here is the link to where I managed to win all of these items, it was in one of their Twin Town 16 auctions http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/buzz


I take it its safe to assume that both my Sigourney Weaver and Dido autographs are real and genuine then and that it is only my Liam Neeson autograph that seems to be fake?

I was kind of hoping for a few more replies to put my mind at ease lol I guess if I don't get any more I'll just assume that I am indeed correct and it is only my Neeson autograph thats bogus

The thing that strikes me as odd on the Weaver is the item selection (an old video game?!). I'd ask more question about that one. I know just a little about Dido, but what I see there looks right.

I hadn't really thought about it being an old game on the auction listing it said that the game had been donated by SEGA so it didn't really cross my mind lol although having said that I did win it not long ago hmm..

What makes you think it being old is odd anyway? 

Also thanks for letting me know about the Dido autograph maybe at least one of these autographs is real lol sheesh I doubt I'll be bidding on any more items from them in the future thats for sure lol

What also made me think these where all genuine was that I didn't see any option to donate items so I just assumed all of their donated items where from genuine good people and not ones trying to flog off fakes, definitely fell into a trap here lol >.> makes me wonder where they got some of their items from I don't really know how charity auctions work though unfortunately..

Video games aren't really something people get signed when they get an opportunity to get a celebrity's signature. I guess that in itself doesn't out it as fake. 

I see what you mean well I know a few people who get games signed by celebs including myself lol

The Taken autographs are no good I'm afraid

Yea I'm beginning to think your right on that one unfortunately =(

Thanks for letting me know, I'll probably still keep the poster its signed on as thankfully its a back to back poster so I could just hang it up on the none-written side ^^

I've gotten my share of odd items signed for sure.



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