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Sad to say not on album cover but it does look like a good jimmy page

Do we know what the limited edition number is?

No number on it nate

Interesting, thanks for info Alan.  I wonder if we'll ever find out what the 'limited edition' stated on the website actually is?

Its great to get a good Jimmy, but personally I feel all these signed LPs and CDs offered thru any site should always have the cover signed.  I dont like when Newbury has the inside CD insert signed and not the cover because it is a digi-pak.  Same scenario here.  Why not the LP covers?  As all you IP collectors know, when you go to get an autograph, its always the cover, never the inside insert.  Frustrating.

Mine arrived too. You'd think being limited it would be numbered.
Think we will see a bunch of cuts of these coming from dealers? Looks like they'd be able to cut out Jimmy's signature and typed name.

I have no doubt.

Watch out for the next batch of Page pick guards

Im very surprised that these havent sold out yet, maybe they will keep on signing

Interesting they are not numbered. The description states, 

 "The 1-LP, 1-CD set is available signed and numbered by Chris Farlowe and Jimmy Page in a limited edition release bringing the signatures of two music legends together for the very first time.".

I know Joe, I can't see a number anywhere saying that its limited.



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