Hello all!

I've got two Bill Murray autographs which are both very different and i'm uncertain of their authenticity.

All opinions welcome.

Many thanks in advance!

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I don't believe either are authentic. Sorry!
Really? I've compared these to other examples i've seen online and can see simularities. But i'm no expert.

Thanks for your response, Devon. Much appreciated.

Out of interest, Devon, do you see anything specifically wrong with the autographs?


I don't see any similarities at all in comparing these two examples to in-person Murray's I've seen. The first one is in outer space. No similarity whatsoever. And while the second one is a bit closer to what I've seen, still way off the radar of plausibility. I'd have to agree with Devon, unless recently, Bill's signature has undergone a moderate to drastic change.

It hasn't changed aside from losing letters. Neither are even remotely Murray-like. 

Thanks for the response and the reality check, Pete. I have to agree that these are pretty rubbish. I'll ensure i do a bit of homework before i post anything in the future.

Be well!
Yes, you're absolutely right. Looking again, it seems quite obvious that they're both fake - and not very good ones at that. I'm going to book myself an eye test for first thing Monday morning.
Appreciate the reply, Woody. Cheers!

You're welcome, Judge!



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