FOR SALE: Bruce Springsteen Signed Born in the USA Album from RR Auction. Opinions Sought.

I have

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I’m not even thinking about this context, I’m thinking for a definitive answer.  As we know, many people love to give an opinion just to be heard, but rarely are interested enough to find out for sure.  

Well, with the opinions given so far it is 3 to 1 atypical/problematic signature. Richard Booth in particular has a great set of eyes. More opinions are welcome. None of the people I have spoken to about this signature have been able to render a definitive yes, so far.

Anyone else have an opinion on this signature?

Hello Steve,

Unless there is a tidal shift in member responses this is not an item we wish to see offered at our group. Unless it is clear cut ...we wish to see collectors selling as we would wish to see them buying. No substantial questions lingering overhead. Perhaps consign it to RR? One observer with 200 Springsteen exemplars has never seen this "S" and rejects this signature. I find the signature strained and atypical myself. 

Best wishes,


Not a problem.  How do I remove it from here?

Thank for your thoughtful response. Many would simply respond with anger - you did not and that speaks volumes. Let's leave this discussion up. We almost never remove or close discussions. This thread is valuable because it displays a real-time explanation and exhibition of how to form items placed in the up-and-coming BST Forum, which so many want back. Thank you Steve. This thread will stay open for additional comments and suggestions - all of which I wish to hear. 

Hi All,

The dedicated thread regarding the rules of buying and selling in the newly revised BST Forum is forthcoming.

Best wishes,




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