Check out the below putrid Derek Jeter forgery on a baseball.

The below ugly Derek Jeter forgery on a baseball is listed by Ebay seller Carnashashl.

The starting bis is $200.00 and there is a wannabe autograph collector who has actually placed a bid on this piece-of-crap Derek Jeter forgery.

This is why Ebay sellers of forgeries listed their crap (forgeries) on the Ebay auction site; they know that Ebay is heavily populated with wannabe autograph collectors, suckers and impulse buyers.

Crap like this continues to infect our autograph hobby.

The below Derek Jeter forgery on a baseball listed by Ebay seller Carnashashl is one of the ugliest forgeries you will ever see and there is a bid on this garbage.

Ebay will profit once again from the sale of a forgery.  Ebay has been profiting from the sales of forgeries for the last twenty years and it continues.

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