When does a Mickey Mantle autographed photo, on a stunning photo of "The Mick" taking one of his mighty swings, sell for only $78.00?

When it's a laughable and obvious forgery sold by Ebay seller Rbisportsinc with a worthless "Forensic" COA from Stephen Rocchi and his Guaranteed Forensic Authenticators (GFA) group.

Ebay seller Rbisportsinc looks to own an infinite number of Mickey Mantle autographs all looking pristine (in other words, hot off the presses literally).

I'd love for some of these sellers of GFA-certed forgeries to prove that Rocchi had anything to do with authenticating autographs during his time at PSA.

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Below is a link to GFA-certed Mickey Mantle forgeries listed by Ebay seller Rbisportsinc.

Below is another link to Sold/Completed Auctions of GFA-certed forgeries by Ebay seller Rbisportsinc.

it is a strong statement when the seller spends his entire description promoting the "virtues" of GFA and not a word about the actual signature.  I am still curious who the "GFA-authorized" TPA is that "settles" the authenticity issues, if someone questions an item. 

That is a good question, Terrier.

Ebay seller Bluechipvideoentertainment is selling the exact Mickey Mantle forgery with a worthless COA from Stephen Rocchi (GFA).

I did a previous thread on Ebay seller Bluechipvideoentertainment below.

Again, literally hot off the presses in Florida.

Here is that same Mickey Mantle forgery listed by Ebay seller Bluechipvideoentertainment.

Virtually every nice action, never before seen photo, seems to have a forged signature. It sure draws my attention. I'd really like to contact these sellers on eBay and say "Wow, you really have some nice items. Do you have anything with a real signature?

That's right, Steve.

Mickey Mantle passed away over 20 years ago and yet all of these new and pristine photos with his "autograph (laughable and obvious forgeries)" on them.

Mass-produced in Florida and hot off the presses.

The times that I went in person to get Mantle at a show, none of these photo's were available. I looked everywhere, including the big companies that specialized in photo's only, like Photo File. Even the photo's that were offered by the show promoter were just a few of the basic shots that we typically see, always poses, never action. Of course, the buyers of these fakes have no idea that the photo's themselves were not being produced back then.

Correct, Steve.

All mass-produced and hot off the presses in Florida well over a decade after Mantle passed away.

It's called FRAUD!!!!



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