I am seeking opinions on the following article with four Beatle signatures from 1965.  I’m relatively new to collecting and would appreciate any insights you could offer.  Thank you very much!

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What is on the other side?

60 years old and not a smudge or crease? That's a bit odd. The paper appears fresh. Where did you get this?


The Lennon looks “different” but it’s good. 

It was written on the back of a letter.  It is not in my possession but was considering making an offer on it.  Thank you.

I'd ask to see the other side. If framed and they won't open it proceed with caution.

It looks real to me too.

That is a serious, serious piece. Good luck!

Thank you all for your comments thus far.  I’m a bit hesitant because of a lack of authentication by one of the major authenticators (e.g. Frank Caiazzo).  The owner has an authentication from “Beatles Marketplace” in the UK.  Has anyone heard of them?  Looks like their website is now inactive…. That doesn’t necessarily mean this is inauthentic, but wasn’t reassuring to see.

Thanks again!

Yeah, the lack of letter hurts, but it’s real. This would be the cornerstone of most autograph collections. If you’d want to resell it one day, you’re going to need a letter. 

man. I love this set. 

I would ask the folks here what a reasonable offer might be. W/o authentication I suspect it might be lower but lets see.

That’s a good idea.  Any estimates as to market value?  If I make an offer, I’d like it to be reasonable.  FWIW, I wouldn’t consider it as an investment as I’d likely never sell it and pass it down.

Thanks again!


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