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I won this years ago in an auction.  What is the opinion on it?

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not an Authentic Sinatra Signature

Thanks.  Would like more opinions on this.  Since this was an R&R Auction , if it is not real, I would contact them for a refund.

Mr Shinn is correct. Please return this item.  

Thanks Bob.  I can return it along with the COA.  Should I include this correspondence?

Can't beat that. Bob...Bobby...good job.

I agree.  Thanks for helping!

Item 684 - Frank Sinatra Catalog 215 (Jul 1998)  is this the auction? 

Sold Price: $307.05 

Songs For Swingin Lovers promotional copy album signed on the front in felt tip. In very fine condition, with a large diagonal scratch to the upper right corner. The record is included. This is re-issue SM-653 of the classic original Capitol album////

The good news is R&R continues to reimburse.    Bobby does R&R reimburse only the original buyer at the purchases price which would be the case in this instance?  

I'm seeing COAs that now only reimburse the "original owner.  If it's not the original owner what price is reimbursed?  

That is exactly the auction!  7/23/98 is the date.  My address has since changed.


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