BRIAN MAY LP opinions ???

Opinions FREDDIE SIGNED IN MUNICH 1986 >> ( EDITED = FAKE = Thanks to innuendo !!!)

FREDDIE MERCURY 1988 -  (dedicated to Laura)

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Hey there. The Brian is genuine. The freddie in the frame is fake, and the second Freddie (to Laura) is genuine. The value for Brian is about $150. The Freddie is at around $600 in that condition and with the name dedication on paper. 

Thanks for your help. Innuendo

Look dear innuendo the famous fake lp resold again (43 bids) for 5 minutes, uppps

That's a shame. 

Hello innuendo , its okay this COA (did they signit , no web, are from Glasgow Scottland) or its 100% sure its a fake all too ? Thanks

Idk if the that's a real coa but the item is fake and coa's really dont mean much anyway. 

Thanks for your knowledge 

This Lp signed in the label could be good maybe?

No, that's a very poor fake.

I think ebay has to clean all this garbage they have to have something that you directly and very clair can say to ebay that, that item its fake, it is a shame for fans and collectors. I Thank to all and innuendo for your help !!!!

Wasn't the dedicated freddie sold on eBay not to long ago and it was a copy of the original but sold for around 400 sterling? The seller was italian I think who was adamant it was real?


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