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Hey there. The Brian is genuine. The freddie in the frame is fake, and the second Freddie (to Laura) is genuine. The value for Brian is about $150. The Freddie is at around $600 in that condition and with the name dedication on paper. 

That's a shame. 

Idk if the that's a real coa but the item is fake and coa's really dont mean much anyway. 

No, that's a very poor fake.

Wasn't the dedicated freddie sold on eBay not to long ago and it was a copy of the original but sold for around 400 sterling? The seller was italian I think who was adamant it was real?

It's been reprinted a few times, yes. From a Spanish scammer but the original is in circulation and the item appears to be aged and worn. The original was not very well taken care of or properly protected over the years and did age badly. This one seems to be the original.

Excuse me** a Spanish scammer (not Italian).

I would advise caution when dealing with Queen graphs out of Spain specifically. But this item does look to be the original. 


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