We accept advice and opinions on its possible authenticity.
Thank you all.

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That looks extremely fresh.

This is a common reprint. There were a few fans who were printing these on photos and adding them to frames. They were usually honest about them being reprints. This isn't hand signed. 

Thank you. Those who sell it do it as authentic autograph signed by hand ....

It's been a few years since I last saw the original, but if memory serves, it was on a Works inner sleeve. This one is just the umpteenth reprint of it. 

e la stessa cosa che fanno per questo .... autografo autografo originale ......

That's hilariously shaky, and slowly done. It's also the fake Freddie graph they put on merch on the Queen online store, made by a graphic designer. In reality, there's only a handful of examples of his autograph looking like this one. Meaning it was a rare style, and from what I've seen, he usually only broke it out when signing very large. I love that forgers go for this style thinking they've got a win. Worth a good chuckle. This isn't even in the same zip code as genuine. 

Forgive me if I allow myself, you are definitely a luminary for what concerns the life and the story of Freddie Mercury, by chance you are in possession of his autograph?

Yeah, I've been collecting and studying Quen and Freddie for over 40 years. It's the only band I study and collect. I'd be happy to help you find a graph for Queen if you're looking. 

I'd be happy
if you do not mind we can contact you via private messages

No problem. Shoot me a message anytime. I'm always happy to help.


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