Markus Brandes is selling this:

Not genuine imo by the way!

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I think you haven't realised that the signatures from Brandes are not on sheet magazines. Those sheets have been cut and put on the white sheet where the autographs are.

I mean that the one I posted today (sold today) has been forged by someone who actually knew the one I have just posted minutes ago. Your reasons don't convince me, but it's my opinion. I respect yours, of course. And you know white sheets can be used time and time again until the autograph seems legit... German forgers could do that!!!

Anyways, Brandes has supposedly sold it, so it doesn't matter now.

You said "sheets" and not "paper with pics glued on" originally so I assumed they were from a magazine or poster of some kind. But no, the original is not fake imo. You're entitled to believe what you want, friend but genuine examples don't lie. The Brians on both have the correct flow, lines and hand. The Freddie's are hideous but sport genuine characteristics that also happen to fit the transitional era. I don't see anything here that points to fake. It's not a piece I would want, but it's not fake.

If he sold it, fair play. It's a genuine piece so more power to him. 

Hello Goodnight.

Could anybody help me?..

I have seen that in this chat the authenticity of a Freddie Mercury firm was studied. A month ago I bought a Freddie Mercury signature on the back of a photo. I have seen that this signature is very similar to the one you put in the chat. Would it be possible for someone watching it to tell me if it is possible to be authentic? I put a picture. Thank you very much for your collaboration

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I have another Freddie Mercury signature. It's cames from Germany in 1983-1985).It is made with a marker on a dark background and does not look very good. I think it's authentic, could you give me your opinion? thanks

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I'm sorry but neither of your items are genuine. The item that you purchased being in the back of a photo was actually forged by a Brazilian forger who is active on Ebay and the Game item is close, but upon further inspection is too simple to be genuine and Freddie didnt not sign that photo in that spot, as he knew it was too dark to show. Genuine Freddie graphs on that photo are signed on the white of his shirt or above him. Best wishes. 

Hello, good morning. Thank you very much for your response and for giving me your expert opinion. About the first signature photos (behind the photo) I already fear that it was not authentic. But the second one on the photo was bought from a person from Germany who gave it to a person who knew he had personally picked it up at a party in Berlin that was Freddie Mercury. It is true what you say that it does not seem very logical to sign in a dark area but sometimes it could happen that hurry or overwhelm people could occur, right ?. At the beginning you comment that you have some doubt about these signature, but then you say that the signature is very simple and I don't know very well what it means to be simple, I suppose a signature can be simple and authentic, depending on other factors, right? The truth is that I was quite infused with this signature and thought it was authentic. Please could you study it again in detail and tell me if it may be possible that even if it is simple it is authentic or you find clear indications (typeface, inclination, separations between letters, etc ...) to reiterate your opinion that the signature Isn't it authentic? (If you want I can send more pictures to see details of these signature). I really appreciate your time and of course your expert opinion, but this is a photo that I believed was authentic and was a real illusion for me. Well thank you very much for everything and happy new year.

As I mentioned to you, it's overly simplified. Meaning there are not enough characteristics in it to point to even a genuine rushed example. There is nothing in it that suggests Freddie's hand. I will not give you the details about what spacings, lines or in depth factors make this a fake as I don't wish to help forgers. Simple Freddie signatures can be genuine, but sorry, this is not one of them. Best wishes. 

Hola Fran. Me gustaria contactar contigo pero lo he intentado y me ha sido imposible. Podrías decirme como hacerlo?. Quisiera hacerte una consulta como experto. Muchas gracias. Te agradeceria que contactes conmigo por esta pagina o por mi e mail; . Por favor es importante para mi conocer tu opinion. Gracias.


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