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Hey there Terry, this is a poor fake unfortunately.

Hiya, what do you think of the ADATR LP on Ebay at the mo?

Hi, there are always at least 2 or 3 ADATR on Ebay, friend. I would need to see a photo to give you an opinion. 

Hey Matt. This one has 3 original signatures and a bad Freddie. It's go too many breaks. The slant is wrong and it's slow in certain parts. That wasn't signed by Freddie Mercury but the person who signed it may have been a rep for him as they do have the general idea of what his sig looked like at the time and the others are good. Unfortunately, it's going to fetch a large sum of money. 

Hi David.  That was exactly my opinion.   It leapt out at me. Thanks indeed.

Not a problem, Matt. Take care



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