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You too, Merry Christmas!

Hi again...

What do you guys think about this Harrison Ford. It’s certified by PSA/DNA. Sorry for asking so much, but you guys are the best and I don’t dare buying without asking here!

Kind of odd picture, do you know anything about where it’s from?

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Be wary of this collection Jan.... very dubious. I saw them and thought the same thing. Pete will fill you in. His knowledge is invaluable.

The image is from the back lot at Elstree Studio where much of the original trilogy was filmed (when not on location.)

The collection offered by this seller is claimed to be "from a friend" which is kind of an inside joke among SW collectors because many long time SW autograph buyers know exactly who that "friend" is, and all that he has forged and sold to some top collectors in the last decade.

Thank you Pete! We are lucky to have you on this site!

I’ll try here too, so to reach the many great Star Wars collectors here at AML.

Would appreciate your help on this Harrison Ford, said to been signed in september 2017.

And if real, what would be a fair price for this one given the signatures condition and the motive of the pic?

Thanks for helping!

Looks like garbage to me.

Thanks once again Mike! Will avoid this one, it’s from an german in-person dealer that claims that he got it himself in Berlin.

He probably did, but that doesn't make it a piece worth buying. 

My search continues! :-)

What’s your opinion on this Hamill? And if real, approx when can this have been signed?

Thank you guys once again!

Looks good

Signature is good and could have been signed at any time from the 1990's thru the first decade of the 2000's.

It may have had an inscription removed, and aside from looking like he is member of the Beatles in 1963 that has a broken ankle....it's pretty nice. 



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