Looking to buy Star Wars autographs, or autographs from any of the actors in the Star Wars Universe?  Post photos here for free opinions from some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Always free of charge.

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As well as this one. total noob here.

Both are no good

Hi everyone!

Would really appreciate your help on these Hamill/Mayhew autographs, said to been signed in 2008! Do you think they are good or bad?

Thanks for helping!!


Thanks Mike! I was especially worried about the wobbly Mayhew, but maybe that’s how he writes?

That is actually the nicest Mayhew signed in the last 20 years.

Thank you Pete, appreciate your help!

Thank you once again Pete and Mike for your help with the Hamill/Mayhew photo above.

I bought it and recieved it today. Here’s a better pic and more info if interested:


Hi members, may I please have opinions on the signatures on this cast signed piece.



Thanks Mike - thinking a good one for the Harrison send in.

I don't like the look of this. Small details of ALL signatures don't sit right with me. 




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