Looking to buy Star Wars autographs, or autographs from any of the actors in the Star Wars Universe?  Post photos here for free opinions from some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Always free of charge.

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I missed one...

Now that one makes the Ford even better. Matched pagesof Han and Chewie.

When and if you are ready to sell them, you know where to find me.


Hi. I would like an opinion on this James Earl Jones signature please. Does the J in Jones slant incorrectly, or are there samplers with this lean? Also, would it pay to pass this up for a better example with narrower lines? Thanks.


Looks good. Not sure what you mean by narrower lines.. thinner pen?  

Yes. The pen line. It's a bit thick but it's cheap, if still available so thanks for your opinion (:

Hello, what do you think about this one please ? :

Real but you'll never remove that inscription. If your name is Ira you're all set.

Exactly, it looks like someone already tried to get the F off. 

I think that looks like $#!&, but whatever floats your boat.

Thank you Mike and Pete !


I found this Bruce Boa signed card on eBay but I'm not sure about the seller. Can't find much about them online. To me the card looks good, but the one negative feedback on the account makes me wonder....


I've seen clearer pictures of Bigfoot :)

Gonna need a better scan to see the actual signature.




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