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Another Mark Hamill (16x20 metallic photo) with a great inscription and PSA/DNA cert, good or bad? It’s from a very trustworty source, but better to be safe than sorry...

Thanks once again!

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I like that inscription. 

Me too Matt, it’s great!

Would love to own this, but as expected it’s not cheap! But its a very large photo with PSA/DNA cert and a fantastic inscription, so maybe it’s better to spend more to get something really good...

I agree, I have done so too recently.

Opinions please on:

A) Is this authentic? and

B) would it be worth to purchase it?

Thank you all

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I would need a lot more info on this piece. There are similarities in the signature to an authentic Sebastian Shaw, but this being from 1926, he would have been 21 years old, and not likely very famous outside the children's roles he performed on the stage in London.

A) Who would get his autograph in that timeframe?

B) Would it be signed on something other that a playbill (if they were even available) or an album page?  

Thanks Pete, i will try and get a better picture. The description says it was purchased by a UACC dealer from the UK and the page came out of a novel from a pre-war collection collection of books.

Any help with this Mark Hamill would be much appreciated!

Thank you guys!

Looks good!

Thanks Mike!

Did you get me message (using my regular mail) regarding that you’re welcome to send me pics of the ones you have for sale?

Yes I won't be home until after the holidays

No probs, Happy Holidays!



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