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Ray wasn't a good signer before the movie came out, people sold his autograph for lots of money. Now he's barely $20. But alas, no one sees any parallels between that and the new cast.

I'm just glad I have a legit one that looks like his name instead of the swirls you get now.  Would love to have him on a Snake Eyes photo but not a fan of his current sig.

sounds like some matting magic time. Find a nice big headshot of Snake-Eyes and use an exacto knife to cut it out of the photo. Place the Snake-Eyes image directly over the Darth Maul image on the Chiller photo and frame. Ta-da, Snake-Eyes image with vintage Ray Park graph.

A friend of mine had great success turning a Harry & The Hendersons shot into a Predator shot in exactly that way. Kevin Peter Hall as Predator is a much more sought after image.

Hi again guys!

What’s your opinion on this 11x14 one? To quote the great Pete Chuka, is it another ”$50 ugly graph” or a bit better? :-) The seller who got this during the Bladerunner promotion in NYC this summer wants of course quite a bit more...


Have you checked out coolwaters? They have a few nice Ford items

Doesn’t have $800-$1000, that’s why I need the knowledgable members help to find an ok one...

I know, it’s 100% legit, from a great guy and he’s willing to give a much better deal ”off-eBay”.

Just wanted to know what the experienced Star Wars collectors thought about the quality of the signature and what a fair price could be.


Hihi :-)

My biggest regrets in collecting, have more to do with going for the great deal, and saving money.

I have never once regretted getting something fantastic, even if it meant saving up longer or stretching to get that stand-out amazing piece.

Sure I have bought "so-so" pieces here or there because I liked an item that was signed more than the signature, but that is only in situations where I already have plenty of high quality pieces with great signatures from a certain celeb.


I agree 100% with Pete. I on an impulse purchased two items that whilst had authentic signatures, were not the best quality. Lesson learned, these have been banished, and everything i have collected since then has cost more, but certainly are nothing that i am ashamed to 'show and tell'. There are some sellers that have some really 'special' items.



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