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I almost just pooped my pants. Look at this joke listed by eBay seller gafinkta

Seller guarantees this ball to pass PSA/JSA or 110% money back. Someone should take him up on this!!!! Even if this SOMEHOW is Rivera's chicken scratch on a ball, it would NEVER pass authentication. This looks like someone gave a squirrel a pen and let them draw on a ball.


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When I click the link a diff ball comes up? 

Looks like he has changed it, thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!! The image above was on the auction originally! 

lol, I was thinking, what the heck? (when you sent the orig. pic) - and I don't know squat about baseball sigs :)  I was thinking a squirrel with a seizure disorder lol

that has to be another player's signature, and the lister made an error. no one is that dumb.


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