Galen and Paul featuring Paul Simonon from The Clash / Gorillaz

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CD ordered. Thank you for sharing.

$12 additional in shipping to US on a $14 CD, too bad. 

Ordered the CD! $26 total for a signature from one of the original members of The Clash is a steal! Will go great with my Joe Strummer autograph.  Thank you for posting 

Right on Addison, everyone knows The Clash is 'The Only Band That Matters.' I've got a nice 8x10 autographed photo of Mick Jones, the Paul Simonon should be a nice companion. Shout out to Bjorkwind for the post. Much appreciated Bjorkwind!

Looks like the LP insert is full LP size, full name, and very fetching!

May have to also order that, despite the insane shipping.

Still a bargain for Paul Simonon!

Yes, I hadn't seen that, very nice LP sized artwork.... gonna frame mine... thanks for the video link..

295 of the cds left

teach me how to check it?:)

Place 1000 in your cart and go through the process of checking out.  Before the confirmation it will show you how many are left

tthank u!

The LP definitely looks nicer, but I wasn’t that committed.

Here is the signed CD booklet, for reference:


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