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Hi we are new to Autograph Live, only just found it.  We have been collecting now for a couple of years and try to be careful but I know there are also a lot of fakes out there.  We have had an Alan Rickman and Amy Winehouse turn up available but we are concerned about the inconsistencies in the COA's with them. They both appear to be from Past and Present which I think we have come across in the last couple of years but the COA's are different and it is those inconsistencies that have rung alarm bells.  Just wondering if anyone does know them and could tell us if the attached COA's are genuine.  Any assistance gratefully received. Thanks Pam & Ian

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I do not know about COA's. Better is to show autographs. I can see about Alan Rickman, not Amy. But this COA's does not look well. 

Hi - thanks for your reply - I have attached the two signatures below

Alan is fake for sure, sorry. 

Without full name, address and phone, along with a guaranty of any kind, these COA's are worthless. They are often printed by anyone for anything.

Before purchasing an autograph, do your homework. Fully research the genuine signature, the sellers policies and contact info, then always check here. 

We've all been through our own horror tales of seeing something beautifully signed - even when we knew it couldn't be true - but bought it anyway! But we learned. Hopefully, now that you're found this site, those moments are at an end. Good luck hunting!!

Neither the Alan Rickman or the Amy Winehouse are even close IMO.

Sara's right, always post photos, the larger the better and the entire piece. 

Also, please put the names in the post title. 

The Amy is a really bad fake

COA's are, as a rule, worthless pieces of paper which any crook with access to a printer can generate at a moment's notice. COA's do not "authenticate" an autograph.

Until such time as every nation in the world agrees to punish the falsification of a person's autograph for commercial purposes with a $1 Million fine and a life sentence in prison, people are going to try and pass off fake signatures as genuine. Even the respected "authenticators" who charge money for approving (or not) autographs are only ever one moment away from a serious error or scandal which will not only ruin their reputations irreparably but also invalidate everything they have done beforehand, rendering their "approval" and letters/certification pretty meaningless in the longer term.

Luckily, you have found a good place here where you can obtain sound advice and experience. But, you do have to do your own work as well in terms of research - comparing examples, sussing out the seller, looking for provenance. Your first question to any supplier should always be - how did you obtain this autograph?

Assess the autograph, forget the COA.

The Amy is fake

Alan Rickman has a very distinctive signature and this ain't it. Not even close...a very bad forgery.

As others have said, a COA is only as good as the entity behind it. Most forgers include COAs with their sales.

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