Quite a few of you have asked me to let you know when a solid set hits the scene, and here it is. http://m.ebay.com/itm/222459427814?_mwBanner=1

I don't know the seller, but the item is not only genuine- it's one of a limited number that were hand signed by the band and given out to record stores around the UK in the 80s during a promo. Right now it is at a very low price. I can promise you it'll sell for much more. If my wife wasn't twisting my arm to downsize my own collection right now, I'd move on it myself.

Good luck to all those bidding.

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Nice set indeed. Thanks for sharing your photos as well. Take care, Paul
Thanks Innuendo.

Hi Paul,Im glad to hear you have one or I wouldn't stand a chance ha ha. I don't have Queen in my collection so it seems like a good one to have. I have a set price in my mind what I will pay. I might bid again or just wait till the last minute and bid if its in my range. Normally if I really wanted it not much would stop me but with spring here I have lots of "domestic" money to shell out (putting some techno block in back yard etc).

Yeah Ian ,I already own this one .you're safe!lol
What techo bloc product r u installing?

Patio pavers. Mojave Beige.

Techno is one of the best products out there.great choice .
I was about to see the sale on ebay and... surprise! I imagine a very good offer has been made to the seller. That's so unfair! Why didn't he/she use the 'buy it now' system?
That's thanks to our good shoulder to learn on's fault....his word causes a panic....good on him....wish he would do the same for me on eBay.... innuendo are you listening old boy haha

I really hate it when ebay sellers take unsolicited offers like that. I am not claiming to be whiter than white (after all, it is a dog eat dog world) but I have never, or hardly ever, made an offer on an auction only item. I just don't think it's fair on other punters - or even the seller in most cases.

I've had many potential buys snatched away by unsolicited offers but the one that hurt most was on three really early (unsigned) Who flyers and adverts (e.g. postcard flyer for a High Numbers gig in Harrow & Wealdstone and record shop banner for the "Can't Explain" single). I saw the items in person as the dealer was based in my home town.

The dealer had listed a comparatively common Marquee flyer on eBay to see how it would go and promised to tell me before listing the better material. Some bidder from London contacted him and asked if he had anything else. You can guess the rest...

The guy offered the dealer £300 for the three items and made a 200 mile round trip on the same day (if that isn't fishy what is) to pick them up. When I eventually found out I was p***** to say the very least, especially as I was a good customer/friend. The dealer also felt like a donkey when the relatively common Marquee flyer later went for over £300 by itself.     

This happened well over 5 years ago so you can see how deep it sits.

happens all the time ,lets see if it ref flips on e bay then we can give the guy some aggro making an offer when theres no bids is one thing but cancelling bids and selling off e bay isnt allowed and you have to be a certain kind of arse to ask someone to do it


Lol Sorry Mark! To be honest though, regardless of my posting it here or not, it likely would've gone the same way. I had about 20 members here ask me to let them know when a genuine set at a fair price comes up, so either way (via private message or public) all the people would've been on it. I posted it here to save me having to send 20 individual messages lol. Also, it had already been discussed between the big Queen collectors on facebook hours before i posted here. Eyes were already on it! Little surprise, though. Although for the record: I think it's really lame to post an item as an auction only and then accept a private offer from another party. Not exactly playing nice imo. Sorry, fellas! Here's hoping that next genuine set has a fairer seller.
Hope you guys aren't to upset.




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