Quite a few of you have asked me to let you know when a solid set hits the scene, and here it is.

I don't know the seller, but the item is not only genuine- it's one of a limited number that were hand signed by the band and given out to record stores around the UK in the 80s during a promo. Right now it is at a very low price. I can promise you it'll sell for much more. If my wife wasn't twisting my arm to downsize my own collection right now, I'd move on it myself.

Good luck to all those bidding.

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I did not buy it. However when I really,really want something I have on occasion contacted the seller off ebay and obtained my treasure. With private messages sometimes ebay catches you but if you are slick with wording they don't. I'm sure the buyer paid a good price and the seller avoided the fees. I had already seen this and it was no secret so its good of Innuendo to inform members here to give them a shot.

I thought I read somewhere that said you have to pay fees if you cancel and there are bids on an item. Not sure if this is the case or not.

I somehow doubt there are fees for withdrawn items. I think you do have to give some sort of explanation but this is more of a "tick the box that applies" exercise. I assume eBay would pick up on a seller who did this repeatedly though.

What I have done on occasion is ask a seller to let me know if anyone makes an unsolicited offer so that I can have a chance to match it or at least warn them not to accept.

As regards the latter, I remember warning a "green horn" seller not to accept offers on a "posted on board" Titanic card. This had been written by a Turkish Baths attendant who went down with the ship. It had belonged to the seller's deceased brother, a keen Titanic collector. I knew I had seen it before and a bit of research revealed that it had been bought at Christies for around $3,000 many years earlier. Obviously the seller didn't know this as it was listed at a ridiculous start price of $4.95. By the time I wrote to her she had already had an unsolicited offer but luckily hadn't yet accepted it. In the end the card went for over $4,000. This was out of my budget but I was so pleased that this unsuspecting lady - and in as sense her deceased brother - hadn't been ripped off. It was doubly pleasing as the card went to a museum - or so she was told by the buyer.

As I said before I am not whiter than white when it comes to buying but there are times when you just have to "do the right thing".   

According to eBay, sellers are charged a Final Value fee if the auction is ended early and there are bids on the item, unless it's done within the first 24 hours.

Been following this thread since the start. As I already own a fully signed Queen item I wasn't in the possition of thinking about buying this one. But I can understand everyone who is not amused about how this auction ends. To be honest I buy and sell stuff that I offer on ebay all the time outside the plattform. Usually it's the better deal for me and the seller or buyer. BUT I never sell anything that someone has already placed an bid on to stay fair. I know it's not fair but so is this game none of us is gonna change it and either you play it or your don't and at least for me I have lost items also on this game but I wouldn't blame the seller. If the seller is selling underpriced it is his fault of not researching on the item.

From your post further up this thread it sounds as you might have bought this Brian (Keeling that is). Is that right? If so, what did the seller accept? Rude questions I know. 

No I didn't. I own a signed Innuendo Promo Poster from 1991that I got for a good price as it had some foam sticker on it and the seller wasn't sure if he could restore it to a decent piece. It was a good afternoon work with hair dryer and some rubbed skin on my fingers but in the end it was worth the work.

What's people's opions on this set
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I would say no. The most obviouse never saw a M in Mercury like that the r in Freddie looks strange too. Don't like the Brian May one as well. For me not worth looking more closer. Wouldn't buy it.

Thanks I thought that with the m too it looks a bit if a bodge found this on eBay
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And these others you've posted are fake as well. But just to cut down on the confusion, if you have other Queen items you'd like to ask about, would you please make a separate discussion for them? We'd be happy to help you- but it's always best to make new discussions for items vs adding new photos into already existing thread always it can get hard to follow. You can add a new discussion by going to the home page and scrolling down to the "Add Discussion" button. All the best
Gareth, those are fan club secreterials. Not genuinely signed by the band.



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