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I'm trying to complete a collection of presidents who served in my lifetime and now I only need Bush sr. and Reagan. I'm curious if anyone has info about this book. I've seen many different versions where the bookplate is either signed just by George, George and Koch, and even George, Barbara and Koch. I put in an offer for this book which was accepted but I'm still researching it. I don't believe there is a problem with these signatures but figured I'd ask here to be sure. This was more of an impulse buy, not expecting my offer to be accepted so quickly. I do not have enough experience with HW to feel 100% certain just yet. Does anyone have any info or opinions? 

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To my eyes this looks legitimately signed by George Bush Sr, I am currently doing a similar thing to you in collecting as many presidents as I can. Best of luck with it! 

Thanks for the reply, bookplates can be counterfeit and the variations of signatures on this release throws me off. I've ran into other comparable TPA Bush's but still looking for the known in person examples around this timeline. I was also thrown by how fast my offer was accepted so it's great to have another set of eyes on this one. 

Good luck with your collection as well. I might continue my collection and go as far back as Lyndon B Johnson but that would be it. Kennedy is going to be tough for me to feel confident about regardless if authenticated or not.

I've managed to come across a few Lyndon Johnson books for a reasonable price however he has a lot of secretarial signatures and at certain times he's used autopen so he's a tricky one. I have a set spending limit on each of mine of around $30 so it's definitely been a tough one! I'll be very interested to see some more examples you acquire as you progress though! 

$30 limit, that's great. I'm not sure if I could do that for a Reagan. I've seen Reagans secretarials regularly sell for $100. I'm too impatient to hold off if I find good deals but never know. Thanks for the tips on Johnson as well. 

I think this is fine. GHWB was a great signer and these are commonly available authentically signed. 



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