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Looking for opinions on authenticity of these George Harrison signatures.

Thank you!

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Louise Harrison secretarial.

Thank you for confirmation of my suspicions!  Its remarkable how much of her signed material was sold as authentic by reputable auction houses. 

No problem. These were offered for sale as authentic?

By who and when?

They were offered for sale as "autograph by George Harrison". In looking at exemplars of early Harrison signatures sold as authentic I found a few that seem to have Louise characteristics. Specifically the G on the "G"eorge and some other similarities. I am no expert in Beatles material. That is why I reached out here. I collect early political and scientific material. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

Looks to be problems with every letter. I might guess that Ballroom has better scans of Louise - these are tiny. 

This is from Tracks UK, 1963:

These are better images. The 3rd image is the "G" I am referencing from exemplars.

Look at the entire word "love" and the first "r". There is also the break or pen lift  between the "e" and "o".

Look at the difference in the word "from" in this exemplar.

Here’s a letter and full set of secretarial signatures from Louise:

Thank you for the info!


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