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It was mentioned in another thread that George Jones's wife has been signing a good portion of  his autographs at some points throughout his career. George has always been a great TTM signer, and if his wife has been signing a great deal of his stuff on tour, then she probably signs alot of his stuff TTM. If she is doing this she is very good at his signature, but things such as this have happened before. So i thought it would be a good idea if their was a thread where we could discuss this and post some IP examples vs TTM signatures and share stories on the issue. I know Mike has some great information. I am a member of another autograph site and retrieved some IP examples, none of these are mine however. And i suppose its possible that they werent listed correctly and that they were acquired in some other fashion, but for now i am taking them on their word that they were gotten in person. Their are many TTM examples that can be posted for comparison so i wont post any for now. I am going to post also a signature from Nancy Jones, Georges Wife, to possibly compare too. If anyone can help in this discussion it would be greatly appreciated. After looking at some of these IP signatures, in my eyes, their does seem to be a slight difference when compared to the TTM signatures, but hopefully we can get some good results by discussing the issue. So i will start it off. Here are some IP examples i found and an example of George's wifes signature.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone can help


Here is an ex of Nancy's signature:

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Here is another Nancy Jones

Thats a great catch Mike. I think you may be on to something for sure.

I know this is an old thread but maybe someone could give me their opinion on this one. It is JSA certified but they don't always get it right. 

Thanks,  Mike 

picture please

and yes those dont look my inperson stuff



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