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Regarding the Nancy photo, I see several things that bother me at first glance. I don't like it when that happens.

The "To Walter" signature looks good.

Thank You Jet For Your Help I feel A lot Better Making An Offer I Was Thinking 900.00 ??


I'd be surprised if either of those autographs were actually signed by George Reeves.

First, notice that the same kind pen and same kind of paper were used on both of the ones you're interested in that eBayer AZestatesales is offering. In the days before eBay back in the 50s, it was rare for someone to ask for more than one autograph.

Now compare the two you're interested in to the two other ones that I feel are clearly genuine and see if you can see  the difference.

The first one, with tape, sold for $534 in Nov. 2015 at RR Auction.

The second one sold for $643 at RR Auction in Aug. 2018.

The first one you asked about:

The first Reeves at RR:

The second one you asked about:

The second one at RR:


 I See What You Mean I Think I Will Just Wait And Take Your Advice

      Thanks Again For All Your Help




  Most Of This Sellers Autographs ARE On The Same Paper

How Do These Sellers Get Away With This ?? It Almost Makes You Want To Throw

In The Towel It Relay Ruins The Hobby  For People

  Thanks Again Lenny


When I clicked on the links, I got different items yesterday, including one for 'Nancy". However, I still say the "Walter" one is good. The other one does not look good. By the way, the RR one with tape is from his "Winged Victory" 1944 period. The other RR one is typical for shortly after that period. I have over 200 examples of his signature complied over the past 30 years, so I feel well qualified to give an opinion on Reeves. I would say the Walter one should typically fetch 500-700 since it is not on a photo, but a similar one sold for 900 earlier this year. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jet




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