Hey everyone!

I'm a newbie here but a huge MJ fan!

I recently won a lot at GHRR auctions. The lot was previously hosted on Knaiz Auctions. To my untrained eye, the signed fedora looked authentic. But after winning it, I started doing research on signed fedoras and came across this site full of knowledgeable folks! I was stunned to discover that a majority of signed fedoras were inauthentic. Even more shocking was the whole Julien's debacle!

Anyway, the fedora comes with no letter of provenance, just 2 COA's; one from Knaiz and one from GHRR.

I already sent this to Steve and Wascher for their input. Steve said it doesn't look authentic to him and suggested I post it here for everyone to chime in. Thanks again Steve for your kind help!

Please do take a look and let me know your thoughts. 

Anyone here have experience with Knaiz Auctions or GHRR?

Truly appreciate everyone lending their expertise to this.



P.S. If you're wondering why I bid first and researched later, the bid time was closing in a few minutes and I felt I could win it at the minimum bid, which I did.

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are there any real known fedoras from the bad tour that can show? even if unsigned.

Possibly this one, although sadly I can't find the video of the programme. 



Very cool detail I didn't notice myself!

Good on you and thanks for sharing!

Learning so much :)

cannot view the full photos of article as asks for subscription. can plz post photos ?

Apologies.  I should have said that the article and photo. from September 2009 are not very helpful.  Most of the important info. is inside the hat (maker, size etc), which you cannot see.  It is also assumed that the newspaper (competition) which supplied this fedora in 1991 had sourced a genuine one. 

The TV programme (Antiques Roadshow) valued this at £25k at the time, but prices were crazy just after June 2009.

(The inside of the fedora may have been shown in the video, which is no  longer available). 



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