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How is JSA in terms of authenticity. And how does this Giannis antetokoumpo autograph look. I’m not sure how they have so many. 

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You are right, his autograph is quite short and easy to forge. This does look fairly typical of his autograph and is likely to increase as his career develops. How many does the seller have as he does sign a fair bit and are there other photos or details as to when this was obtained?

Seller won’t answer when I asked him those. It says over 10 available so I’m skeptical. This is another one with a psa cert I guess. Seller says they got it in person at a hawks bucks game. 

Looks like it has faded or the marker did not take on part of it though unless it's my screen. How much is the PSA one? For the JSA one, what are the other items they sell like, do they look real as this may help see if they are doing anything wrong or not?

Just sent a inbox thanks!

Seller has 11 of the blue ones.  His response is “They were here for multiple days and I had help”. 100% buyer review with 336 reviews. I just wanna make sure it looks accurate it’s tough lol 

JSA 250. Psa $500 but talked to $300. 

If I were you, I'd pass. Get something from a documented public/private signing, even if it costs a bit more. You'll have both better peace of mind and a better ability to resell if need be.

 I was drawn to it because I’m Greek and it’s a Greek Olympic jersey. It looks off? I tried looking up some private signings since I live out of the areas he prob would be signing in. 

I don't think there' any way to authenticate those signatures, as that scribble can be easily forged. If Giannis' autograph is something you really want, avoid any seller remotely shdy and just stick with a top notch seller who got his stuff from a signing. Waukesha Sports Cards has some Giannis stuff, though I'm not necessarily sure it's anything you're interested in.


Ah ok it was psa so I thought they were good. They have a lot of JSA jerseys on that site. Are those as reputable? Thanks for the website I’ll give more of a look. I was in it for the specific jersey/auto combo more than anything. 

Both those companies are authenticating based on who's submitting (i.e. they have an "in" with the company). They simply can't authenticate the signature itself definitively, and they often don't even try. This might be indicative of a reputable collector, or it might just mean they've ben duped.

Omg wow… that is crazy. I didn’t know it was like that. Shoot


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