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Thanks, that confirms that the product page was changed. 

As I understand it they are more of a marketplace/ intermediary much like 3rd party sellers on Amazon, so they don't know much about the items themselves.

In my experience when something goes wrong they do not step up for the customer. When I received an item unsigned they wanted me to pay for the initial shipment, the return shipment and the VAT that I had paid to customs. The international return shipment alone would cost me more than the item itself.

Did anyone actually receive their order yet to confirm what the mix up was on this?

No order yet, I did receive a shipping notice from Le Noise on the 25th stating the order was processed and a shipping label is created, but no movement of the package yet. I'll post when something changes, but for now I'm filing this in the "WTF Dept?"

I was able to confirm my suspicion since I still had an unfinished Merchbar cart in my mobile browser (I switched to desktop). So the product in my cart said "+Signed Print", but when I refreshed the cart it changed the title of the product (without Signed print).

So it must have been just my luck that it changed while I was checking out.

This means when you click the product page now it should have the description without signed print. That leaves the question if they ran out of stock, or if it was never supposed to have the print in the first place. I have little faith in Merchbar after how they handled the Sum41 printed cards.

just saw this video of them signing the Cds and album flats, they look pretty nice. I only ordered the cd from JPC and I noticed that it's still in stock but as some of you said, now says only shipping within the EU, I never got a cancelation email but not feeling real good about my chances 


Did anyone buy the blue marble LP? No signatures needed but I thought I would ask. It appears to be sold out.

In other words: Have a spare and they don't want it and/or just don't want the blue marble LP but bought it for the signatures. I was hoping to own it.

Looks to still be available but doesn't mention being signed:

I was trying to save money as I'm in the States. 

Got mine. One of them didn't include the insert. The others were all pretty dead markers

Great. Were they cd's or lp's and were they from Le Noise, Le Merchbar, or Le Newbury Comics Deez? 

Le Noise finally came through. 1 sig on it with a little dead marker. Still looks pretty good. Thank you Joel S. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

your'e welcome, looks pretty good and i kind of regret passing on it now, looks like they are still available on the site but it's almost $30 with shipping and i'm feeling cheap today so gonna pass lol*&variant=43501946241282



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