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Sold out instantly. Posting for info and if there's a restock.


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Thanks Rich, will keep an eye on it, but that GA signature is not the most appealing is it?!

It's actually generally sloppier than that. I picked this one up a few weeks ago after trying (and failing) to get her in person last year. Her tour sold out instantly, and she's pretty legitimately red hot right now (though I suspect some degree of Olivia Rodrigo-type shenanigans from Ticketmaster regarding the sale).

Who is this individual? 

Director JJ Abrams' daughter. Popularity went up significantly throughout last year. She has some pretty good music actually.

Fair play. From the UK, so haven’t heard of them before. Wanted to make sure if it was just a hype thing 

Definitely plenty of heavyweight marketing firepower behind her, but again her music is actually pretty good and I enjoyed her live show last summer. 

She's an up and coming bedroom pop star.  She's been up and coming for a few years, now.  Olivia Rodrigo's Drivers License song was inspired by Olivia listening to Gracie's EP.  I'm afraid that Olivia capitalized on that sound, and even with Gracie opening up for Taylor Swift on some of her dates on the upcoming tour, that she won't get as popular as Olivia.  Still great sounding songs overall, though.

Now signed options in the UK store


Thanks.  I had to snag the bundle and use my ReShip address.  I wish there was a cheaper option to reship to the US, but for now, I guess this works from time to time.

Probably worth pointing out that Banquet has Gracie scheduled for two performances tomorrow. Even though no personally signed preorders have been offered so far, it's actually pretty rare that an artist has an even with Banquet and does not sign at least a few things for them. Looks like all they'll have is the CD and cassette, but probably worth keeping an eye on their site early Sunday AM.

The thing with that Rich is that the album only comes out a month later and so I can’t see Banquet having signed stock available to order on Sunday. Hope I’m wrong though, and if there is something it’ll probably sell out within seconds!

Hopefully Newbury or someone else in the US gets these as well


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