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Green Day Saviors [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Autographed CD]

looks like this is going to be in all the indie stores, here are a couple of links



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I'll snag another one if it's possible but I don't have high hopes for that.

Ordered on Wednesday.

They took money from my Visa.

I received no email whatsoever.

Is this normal?

I'm guessing you checked all folders so I'd contact them, where did you order yours at? I got a order number in a couple minutes also they didn't take money out until a day later it was pending at first.

Yeah, my money was taken out a day later too.

I ordered from Park Ave CDs Fl.

Checked all folders. 

I just contacted them.


They got back to me and said everything is all good.

Fingers crossed.

That's awesome man!! Happy to hear!

Do you think Main Street Music PA is fulfilling orders? I placed one with them on Tuesday as well

Nobody knows. They dont even know themselves most likely. It was a generic listing that went live on hundreds if not thousands of indie record stores who share the same platform/inventory.

Thats why the websites all look exactly the same and the posts all went live at exactly the same time. They were also deactivated across the board at exactly the same time.

There will be a limited amount. Some stores will get a handful, a few might get up to 50. Nobody knows until they actually get them.

What IS known from past experience is that some stores will cancel any and all web orders and make it in-store only. Others will jack up the price to match the resale market. And a handful will probably try and fill as many orders as they can with the limited amount of inventory received. 

Since Main St. was linked here, you can bet that they took way more orders than they will be able to fill (most likely).

If I was an indie store that got swamped with online orders for a release dropping in Jan. of 2024, how would I determine who gets them?

Anybody’s guess.


I took a chance on this place. Not to sure if it’s legit. 


This what my store said when they canceled-

We've been informed that there will only be 2000 total copies available and overnight we received orders for 1200 copies, which we will not be able to accommodate.”

crossing fingers my 2 original orders are good, or at least 1, neither has been cancelled. I'm still planning on getting to a Zia on release morning just in case. Can't remember the places I ordered from. have to look that up

I would love to get just one signed copy. Fingers crossed for everyone.



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