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Live on their website!  Good luck everyone!

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also, it’s 1 per person and US only it appears. 

That was quick 

VERY quick!

Wow.  It appears that they’re “currently unavailable” now.  Maybe they’ll drop more over time

Was able to grab one. Thanks so much! Saw the email alert from your post and ordered immediately. Must have just got in.

Damn missed it. One of my favorite bands too. :(

They will be $200 on eBay which is a lot for an art card.,IMO but people will pay it as GD isn't known for offering much signed merch for the bargain price of a Cd.

If they asked people to name their three favorite songs off Kerplunk or 21st CB before checking out, I'd be good to go. 

They should do that instead of doing those captcha things lol 

Currently £200 - £500 on Ebay one in the USA is asking £550.00 LOL 


Still in stock on UK site right now and appears to ship to US

Awesome thanks... well worth the extra shipping, got one! You're the man!

Sold out on UK now. 

UK looks oos 

Thank you for posting was able to snag one! 



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