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They're mostly tip-in these days.. so its really just celebrities just signing a bunch of sheets of paper that will be bound in the book later on.. so Mikenmar2 is right. It could be any amount

It depends on how many events they attend and whether book chains like Waterstones commission signed copies from them. Waterstones used to commission up to 1000 signed copies from established authors for their slip-cased editions. You can bet that they will have a minimum of 500 of the Greta books. Other bookstores? And then a book tour...

That’s good to know. I am curious if this will be available at other bookstores. I guess time will tell. I have a feeling Greta won’t do a book tour where she signs books at a table and greets people. Just doesn’t seem like something she would do but I could be wrong. We shall see. 

I saw this at a few smaller indie UK bookstore but they all sold out.  So I'm guessing Waterstones got the bulk of them.  Unless they end up a B&N Black Friday book these may not be a thing for any US outlets. 

I found this picture and really hope this is not what Greta’s signature will look like in these books. It looks nothing like previous signatures.

Can’t figure out how to make this show as picture so you will have to click the link below to see picture. 

Greta book page

She's just a name everyone knows. A glorified protester. I have no desire to have one. This is an item I feel will be bought up by the flippers and will have a hard time selling it later on. I could always be wrong depending on unknown factors but this seems similar to how Ai Weiwei turned out. Although, he was someone I'm happy to have

Depends on what she goes on to do as she is still super young.

Will be interesting to hear when people start receiving these. Wonder how long it will take since I heard Royal Mail is having issues. 

This is for sale on another U.K. bookseller website….

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Did Greta maybe change her signature or are these ghost signed?

...I think they are ok, she is now a young adult signing 100s of books, back in 2019 when she wrote autographs she was a young child using letter by letter style...on top, this is so sloppy, she wouldn't have someone else sign in such a sloppy way

I received this book from Waterstones in a surprise Sunday afternoon delivery. The book has a signed copy sticker on the front cover but there is no autograph inside



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