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Ruh Roh 

Annoyingly I had that with Billy Connollys signed book. If your quick and get in touch they might have some held back to replace yours with. 

They were pretty good with me and sent the replacement first class recorded. That is if they have some too give... 

So....I  just received my alleged ' Signed ' book from Waterstones.... It's got a Signed Sticker to the front, but IS NOT SIGNED anywhere...... ? So be prepared for disappointment ! 

Here are the Pictures of my Signed copy Stickers but no Signature - This is why I'm  a Glass always empty guy - probably the only one not signed out of the whole lot - and of course now out of stock - LOL !!




You're actually the second one to report it here after Terry berry. Makes me nervous for my book. It's now sold out everywhere.

Thanks Jor-El, I just phoned Waterstones, they are out of stock Online, but have held a few copies back, I have to send the non signed copy back to their freepost address which is fine and they are sending me another 'Signed' copy today - although the warehouse staff  are not able to double check they are definitely Signed - they said the likelihood of receiving another 'Signed' Copy not signed is a million to one.... If I receive another 'Signed' Non Signed copy i think i will do the lottery for only the 3rd time in 20 odd years!!! 

yes I am waiting for mine.  grrrrr

My labelled signed copy arrived today unsigned and damaged the postman now thinks leaving parcels next to the bin exposed to the weather counts as delivered 

Full Time Flipper, Phone Waterstones - 08081188787 try and speak to Lisa - she's really on the ball! 

They have some copies left at the warehouse... labelled up as signed.... but whether they are signed or not is a separate matter! 

They are sending me another copy 1st class signed for delivery today 

My ' Signed' but not signed copy was left outside my back door in the rain too - when we have a front door with dry open porch and no door to the porch so could easily put it in the dry but that would be too easy .... and they want pay rises???  

Thanks ill do that cheers

I hope not that in reality only one copy of 1 million copies is signed...

Daunt Books have signed copies in stock if you need another chance of gettng one




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