Looking for opinions on this Guns N Roses LP--4 Signatures. Thanks in advance.

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Looks real to me. But why you would wanna have Dezzy Reed on a Appetite LP?

They look good to me also!

They look good. Steven Adler would be quite easy to add to it too. 

What is the source of this album?  There has been a forger from Mexico who has been producing decent fakes - GNR, Pink Floyd, Morrissey, etc. They are many eBay accounts from Mexico that sell these style forgeries. 

I’d be interested in the source also. It has some characteristics that seem a little “off” to me. Not saying it’s a forgery for sure, but knowing the source and price would help. 

look at the d in dizzy and d in duff ,looks like the same hand something off .almost to clean and placed right

im not sold on the duff ,would love an iso close up of his sig and yes about the mexicco forgeries that have flooded the market for pennies

almost seems they put dizzy on it to throw people off 

Closeups would help. Yes Duff is unusual clean but he sometimes signes such clean signatures. For what I see I say yes looks to good to be true but can't see what should be wrong with the item.

look at the 2 ds there the same hand also that's more old dy=uff earky 90s or before in my opinion there trying copy in not real

It may look odd but I am still convinced this is real. Duff signed during 2015 and 2016 often with this kind of signature look here.

And there is a Dizzy style that matches the one on the record but it is quiet rare

Here is some more Mexico garbage, look similar to the OP?

the slash is the same



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