Looking for opinions on this Guns N Roses LP--4 Signatures. Thanks in advance.

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This is just completely sad! The item came from the UK, from someone that I have dealt with for more than a Decade. Price, shouldn't make any difference, but to those who think where it comes from and the cost, is more important than live ink, it was $950. None of these Mexican Forgeries, look like mine. Yes, Forgeries are supposed to look close, otherwise they wouldn't Fool anyone.

 Those who think that these are Real, Thank You as Roger feels the same way. He gave it 2 thumbs up! It's just ludicrous to say things like: They put Dizzy on there to try and confuse you??  This last Slash looks just like the OP?? That Slash has an extra loop in the A. Yes, it looks similar, but not the same.

 Please! If you don't know the Signatures, don't respond just because your Bored. Put any of these signatures side by side, they aren't that close at all. Just Sad!!

my opinions come from dealing with them from roughly 1987/ 88 thru 93 

and I posted my opinion sorry u didn't like it but u did post here for opinions

Tim - with all due respect, I don’t understand why the brash comment. You received input from well respected members here, do not belittle their opinions. 

You got Rogers input and it seems that’s what matters to you the most. To many here he unfortunately seems to be the end all be all opinion  

You ask for opinions and you got them, don’t ridicule people for giving them. 

 With all due respect. I didn't see an Opinion from you, just a warning/ heads up, about them coming out of Mexico. Appreciate that! (Handled Appropriately) But, to make baseless opinions, without offering any evidence, that's unfair completely! Patrick showed pics of why he thought it was Real. You showed a few pics of the Mexican Forgeries, that don't match mine. That's all the proof that I've seen. Reread the discussion and you'll see the Brash Comments.

I asked about price and source because those are usually good indicators of authenticity when “close” forgeries are concerned. Hence the reason when items are questionable people often recommend “looking at the seller’s other items” - that means source and price.  

I didn’t say it was definitely a forgery, I just said it had some characteristics I thought were “off”. Asking Roger was the right move as he’s a very respected music authenticator who is paid for his opinion - I’m not.  

You came here asking for opinions from folks who aren’t paid for theirs - and that’s what you got - lots of opinions. If you consider those opinions “brash comments” because they didn’t agree with your own opinion, then I have no idea what you were looking for or expecting in the first place.

And to be totally honest, why ANYONE would have someone (Dizzy Reed) sign an album that they didn’t play on and had nothing to do with is bizarre and questionable.  But hey, to each his own. 

Glad you got an answer from Roger you are happy with. In the end, that’s all that matters. 

You asked for opinions and you got them. Dont get all pissy because you didnt hear what you wanted to! Why post on here in the first place if you're so convinced your album is real? I dont get it. I'm glad I didnt give you my 5 cents for what it's worth because IMO it's very clean. Doesnt mean it's not real because it was obvioulsy done recently. If price isnt important then why tell us?! And of course getting it from the UK it couldnt possibly be a forgery coz they just wouldnt do that right? I agree with all the previous comments; this could be a Mexican forgery or from anywhere else. Those signatures are not hard to fake. I hope Dizzy Reed signed this under protest. I wouldnt want his signature on an Appetite. Regardless, you're happy with your purchase so good for you. This is a forum for discussion that most contribute to in good faith. Please respect the opinions of other users

Let's just be clear, I've been a Member here since 2011. Long enough to know who to listen to and who not. I Posted an item with 4 nice, clean signatures. Anyone who knows GNR sigs, wouldn't have a problem with them. I Posted the item for Opinions, so I could list it for Sale. Patrick, Paul and Pistol80 agreed that they were fine. Marc e is the only one who viscously attacked them, with nothing to back up, his Opinion.

  Let me be clear!! If your basing your opinion that something is real or not, depending on where it comes from and the price, your doing an injustice to Autographs and other Members. The Ink is what is supposed to matter! 

   Some of the comments above, just reaffirms who you should listen too, and who you shouldn't. BTW, I asked for Opinions on the signatures, not just any old Opinion. Please, put my signatures up, side by side, with those from the Mexican Forger. Anyone with more than 5 minutes in this Business, can see they aren't the same.

    Let me be clear, I track down and Authenticate my own Autographs. Using Roger, is just a back up of my Opinion and access to a COA. Roger doesn't decide that for me. He also doesn't let where it came from and the Price, enter into his Opinions. We should all learn from that. I've been in this Business for 18 years and I've never had PSA, JSA, Beckett, or any other Authenticator ask me where it came from and how much did you Pay.

I didn't attack them I pointed stuff out and just because I didn't post examples  doesn't mean anything . ive been traveling out of the country for the last 2 plus weeks

and second u have no idea what or if i looked at any examples of  , consider u never got them in person  u woudnt know.

dame you never even worked with them good luck ill wont bother chiming in on your crap again .i guess u woke up on the bad side of the hut

and I hope other people wont just message your boyfriends because that's all u will belive any way have fun with a dizzy reed on a AFD album and without my cousin slashes sound on that album would never have happened . bye felicia

I don't think that was necessary!! But, you believe that you are above the Rules here. You can Post items without any COA or running them through the appropriate category. Your Special and don't have to follow the Rules, like everyone else.

Thank You!! Please Don't chime in on my items, with your baseless Opinions. Just because you work with someone/ band, doesn't mean that you know anything about their Signatures. You may have others fooled, but I'm not one of them. I'm done with this Discussion. Those who actually know GNR Autographs, made that clear. Those who don't, made that clear too.

Actually I run everything through steve first. And I I'm also a racc trusted seller for what ever credit u want to give that and I give a tpa money back guarentee that's more than most people 

The dynamic of asking what's the source of the item to me sometimes is a little bit percular because if you want a coa of one of the other companies they don't even bother asking, where and when. Sometimes it has its benefits but other times you have to ask are autographs really so poorly signed these days that someone needs to find out who had it signed.

So, if I'm reading your responses correctly, you have been traveling for 2 weeks. You had time on your Phone/ Computer to look at Autographs and compare them to mine. Strange that you couldn't click one more button and uploaded your Proof for everyone to see. So far, you haven't provided anything. I'll be waiting?

PS. Rules are for everybody, or nobody!! You just go around the Rules, which seems to make you feel superior to the rest of us, who do follow the Rules. Please, stop all the run around and show your Proof?? Otherwise, your Comments are Baseless, as I have stated that they were. No more need for Comments, unless you can back them up. Show your Proof. If you can't do that, we will all understand.

Maybe I should just go to Steve, that way I can circumvent anyone from saying anything bad about my items. BTW. The Boyfriend thing was real Mature!! Please show everyone here, what you based your Opinions on?? You haven't done so yet!! I'm starting to think that your the one who was having a Bad Day!!


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