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Hi all,

What does everyone think about this Harper Lee signed book? 

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Comprehensively NO. Sorry.

Interesting.....here's one from RRauction that looks pretty similar:


She is an easy one for forgers, unfortunately.

I am really surprised that her autograph isnt worth more

Here is another from RR that looks like the OP one:


& another:


If these Mockingbirds aren't right, RR and PSA have a lot of 'splainin' to do.

I wouldn't give you tuppence for either of them - they are fakes, i.m.o.

Not even close.

Those 2 and the other I linked earlier from Mockingbird's anniversary edition are not the only ones they have sold in the past in that style of signature.  Here's a dozen more auction sales in this style going back some 15 years in their sold archives:


btw Findbooks, I'm not trying to really quibble.  I'm just seeing that, specific to the op example that Justin shared, the HarperCollins 1999 40th Anniversary Edition has been sold many times over with this particular signature style (& repeatedly given the PSA 'stamp of approval').

According to the seller, this is from the 40th anniversary edition. He acquired it from someone who lived in Alabama whose family was somewhat close to her. 

Justin -  I suspected that was the case.  To my eye, the one you are looking at is certainly in the style of these other 40th anniv. editions.  But are they real?  Findbooks has made good points about them.

p.s.  I just did a cursory glance around the google sphere and not seeing these 40th anniv. copies in that particular style an in that shade of ink except at RR.  There's some 40th anniv. copies here and there by booksellers, on eBay, other auctions etc.  .....   but they don't really look so much like the RR ones.  Heritage doesn't seem to have sold any of that edition signed.  



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