Hi all this is my first post here as someone told me this is a great site to use, I really need some big help for a signature my father brought me when I was away for a gift, he used the site      

and let me say that he paid a lot of money for it, I would like to know what everyone thinks as I called the credit card company for a refund but they said i cant get one, I was going to call the company and ask for money back but this is what it says on there website (down below) as i hope my dad did not get robbed. Please can some one help us. thanks        

Photos are down below

Shipping & Returns

  • All Sales Final
  • 90 Day Warranty On Mechanical Antiques
All items are guaranteed authentic. 
Antiquities will refund the full purchase price of this piece to the original purchaser should this autograph be proven not to be authentic and the piece is returned in as sold condition within ten years of the date of sale.  A claim for a refund must be supported by a written opinion from a professional forensic handwriting expert.  Refund of the purchase price is the sole obligation of Antiquities of Nevada, Inc.
under the terms of this guarantee.

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Hi! I added the photos under the comments as we no longer use attachments for photos (helps with visibilty) 

I believe some of our members will hopefully be along to guide you and how to help, but if you do a search for antiquities or even forensic handwriting experts, you will find a little guidance on this subject. 

ok sorry, thx u

This place does not have the best reputation.

anyone know what i should do

Hello, Use the search engine here to search the names "Drew Max" and "Antiquities" for starters. Sorry this has happened to you both.

payed on credit card, in march 18

i was just hoping to maybe get my money back

You've stepped into sort of a bear trap. Getting out is possible but not easy. Did you use the search engine? You responded in 2 minutes. Acting quickly w/o knowledge is how this got started. :(

no did not look up yet

If my memory serves our site owner Steve Cyrkin has helped others in your situation. Try writing Steve through here explaining briefly what has transpired. I'd not contact the seller again until you have a clear course of action.

You will only get out what you put in as far as effort. You/your Dad have/has purchased a forgery. It might be rectified, but you will need to be persistent and do some leg work. Don't fold and you may prevail. Did you write Steve Cyrkin as suggested? Don't let those freaks keep your hard earned cash! TRY!



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