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Any thoughts on this Heath Ledger, is it authentic? 

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I have only just started looking at these - I think no. 

Thanks Eric, Heath is such a difficult signature 

Here is mine to compare, don`t fit right. Not real in my opinion 

This was owned by a reputable AFTAL member in the UK for many years. 

I remember it because of the line passing through it on the right. The card it was signed on had faded in colour slightly, but the signature was still bright and large. 

In my view it could be a rare example of a full unrushed Ledger autograph from the 90s - I have seen a few other examples signed like this from the early days, but not in the latter part of his career. But as we all know, his autograph is a tough one to authenticate. 

But it was an autograph I regretted passing on at the time - this was prior to his passing. 

I've been trying to authenticate my Heath for a while too. Incidentally I don't think mine is real. I do think yours has potential. It of course wouldn't be an example of his more modern, sloppy sig. 

These share similar traits.

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The screenshots posted by Tim are very like the examples I have personally seen prior to Heath Ledgers passing - a more complete and more legible autograph from mid 90s early 2000s. After this, the variation of his autograph changed dramatically to a more rushed and sloppier version. As many will know, this occurs a lot with celebrities when their fame grows & they become more in demand having less time to sign; they sign quickly & even abbreviate, rather than taking their time to sign as they once did before & subsequently the autograph looks different. Daniel Craig is a good example of this. He signs mostly now using only a quick scribble, 'DC' (his initials) since playing Bond. The DC he scribbles bears no resemblance to his full name autograph from 10/15 years ago. And comparing his full name to an autograph I collected from him about 20 years ago before he played Bond, to a more rushed in style one now, it has changed completely. 



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