Hi! I'm buying this framed CD but I'd like to know if according to you they are originals. I like them but he thing strange to me Is that all signatures has the year, I never seen similar signatures before.. Just something from recent years..

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My brain is spinning like a washing machine. For a moment I see it legit but a second later I think it's fake. Such a crazy thing! I'd say it is genuine, although I agree with everything that has been said here, regarding the framing, the "cut" or the asking price as well.

I am certainly not qualified to opine on the autographs but I do wonder why anyone in their right mind would take a CHF 600+ hit on something like this. If they were willing to pay CHF 1,650 for the CD you would think they would do some research to see what kind of prices are being asked today. Even if absolutely desperate for cash I would ask for more than Euro 950 if I knew the autographs were genuine - in fact, a higher price might actually make others more willing to trust that the item is genuine.

I wonder if the autographs got turned down by an authenticator? The authenticator may not have known what they were doing of course. 

Having said all of the above, not everyone is all that bothered about "maximising returns", especially if they know that others would get great enjoyment from whatever they are looking to sell.  

Update: seller plained the booklet corner. No rips or cuts..

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