Hi everyone,

I have seen this George Lucas autograph for sale. I trust the seller. However, they have said that a hologram has been removed from the bottom right of the image which looks like 'K9'. 

After a bit of research, I believe K9graphs is an in-person dealer who is highly regarded. 

The person who is selling this autograph now bought it over the Star Wars Autograph Universe page from a private seller. I guess this private seller could have obtained it from K9graphs?

I just wanted to find out a) your opinions on this autograph. And b) if you remember it being for sale on the SWAU a few years ago, or if you ever remember this one being sold by K9graphs?

I find it a bit strange that the K9graphs hologram was removed and the matching COA lost if it was originally obtained by him.



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Looks pretty typical to me.


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