I think this one looks good personally.. also antowain smith in the picture I also think looks good. I'm making a trade for this, but before I do was hoping I could get a few alternate opinions.. thanks so much!

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If someone out there is reviewing Brady - can you check this one also (on a Helmet Shaped Felt Pennant).

Thank you,

I've seen quite a number of authentic and fake and can say pretty definitely that that one in particular is not authentic.. I've never seen a T like that..

Thank you - I agree that the "T" is certainly atypical ...

but I like the flow of the Brady - especially between the vertical line and the rounding of the B, it looked right to me for the time (Training Camp, 2004) and I thought the price was worth the risk.


I would not rule that one on the felt, out.  the Brady is right one, and I would doubt a forger would screw up the T like that, and get the rest of it correct.

Brady is a major target of forgers, mostly due to the prices he commands for his Tri-Star signings.  That is why you have to be very careful, especially with atypical examples like this.  But I think this one is good, although not the best example.

Oh see I've never seen the curl of the m quite like that or a b like that.. maybe it was from very early in his career.. some of the Michigan ones I've seen look significantly different than current...

Any idea on the helmet?

I'm not sure on the helmet.  It has some positives, but that is closer to his early 2000's style, which I feel is highly forged.  That is one that unless it came from Tri-Star, I probably would not go for it.  I have purchased many Brady signatures that are not certified, but they are not this style, they are more current.  The one exception is a 2002 Wheaties box. not certified but high degree of confidence in its authenticy.

Terrier, what helmet is the one you’d question?

Thank you!

also, cover up the line that connects the T together, and you have a spot on Brady signature.  He starts his signature from left to right on the top part of the T, then comes down to form the vertical line. In this case, he just connected them, maybe because of the unusual signing surface.

The one on the pennant is legit, he just didn’t pick the pen up, thats how he makes his T’s. Little hints like that is what proves authenticity IMO. It was done fast and sloppy but legit. This is one that was done IP at fantasy camp. The B is to high (he flubbed it) but drop it down a 1/2in and theres no wuestion to its authenticity. I should have left telling you it was an IP and asked for opinions. He does strange things sometimes with his sig! 

Going to say fake based on the T

On early Brady autographs, I took my wife and son to Patriot training camp several times back in the early 2000s chasing autographs....we were fortunate to be there when Tom was a rookie and have several signed items...most are now at my son's house, however i did dig this picture out of the closet that Tom Brady signed for us at Gillette Stadium at Training Camp on August 3, 2005.....he comment on the picture as he ran into the training field as we wished him a happy birthday....we had our position along the rope barrier all during the practice and he walked the rope after practice selectively signing....he came to us, asked where we wanted him to sign it...like a fool, i said i didn;t care..so he signed it in the lower right corner....of course, his sharpie was about spent...but looking back...who cares now....we count ourselves lucky to have a real signature.....the big gold signature is part of the print...the small black one is his autograph. 


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