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Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with the Michael Jordan signature

Hi, I am hoping for some guidance on the following signature

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I believe the cards the signatures are in are Chinese inserts from beckett magazine in Taiwan. Hoping someone who has experience with Jordan's signature could help
These autographs actually look pretty good to me, unless they're the product of a good forger. They seem pretty consistent with a typical MJ autograph though.
Thanks for your input James. Yeah I'm no expert at all regarding His signature even after reading up on it on various sites including this one. I got this because I thought the cards were cool and unique but really was not sure on the signature.
At first glance they may look ok but in my opinion both are no good sorry.
Of the 1st 3 things I look at on all Jordan autos, those 3 things are off here.
Thanks. What 3 things in particular do you look for?
1st 3 things are all on the M so no real need to study further once the first 3 are off.
1)The M has 3 top parts. Each should be lower then the first. You can see this in the jump shot card. The forger has it closer to correct then the other card.
2) The length of the 3 bottom parts to the M. As with the typed M here the first line and last line match in length. Jordan regularly match or can have the last line longer. If the last line is shorter then the first its a good sign it's fake.
Now look at the jump shot card again. You will see the 3rd line is not only the wrong angle, it is not only shorter then the 1st line, it's about the size of the 2nd line.

3)At the bottom of the 3rd line to the M it goes out, in and out again. This is an unnatural movement and often the hardest part to forge. After looping out twice it is hard to loop out on the 3rd. (Try it)
This little triangle then loop looking thing is way off.
Because of this unnatural movement that the forger is trying to do that is why the angle on the 3rd line is off and the line is shorter. They were concentrating on the out/in/out at the bottom of the 3rd line.

Look at some UDA autographs, try and copy them. It will help you understand what your hand does naturally and unnaturally and will show you which parts regularly look different when you are doing it. This makes it clearer what to look for when looking at others.
Thanks. A lot to digest here. How are you with Brady / Bellichick autos
I just do basketball
So in Your opinion, not even worth the time to authenticate? Or money..?
Definite fakes



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