High End Memorabilia holds autograph auctions on LiveAuctioneers.com and iCollector.com. They were on Invaluable.com, but they can't hold auctions there anymore. The company started selling on these platforms in 2018.

High End Memorabilia is the same company as LuxeWest and Front Row Memorabilia, which sell autographs on Amazon, Wayfair, Touch of Modern, Houzz, Etsy, eBay, and other sites. You can also buy on their website, frontrowmemorabilia.com.

This is a link to the handwritten and signed or just signed song lyrics in their upcoming auctions:

This is a link to the them in their past auctions:

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The Queen lyrics and signatures are all done by the same hand. It's a shame someone already put a $300 bid in for them. 

This set of Queen handwritten and signed lyrics are up to $800 bid. That's $1,000+ S&H with buyer's premium.

steve ive follow there stuff since the popped up about a year ago .its all crap. I get asked privalty all the time about them , the problem is once there done another company called low end collectiblebles will pop up.lol

I had a guy asctually submit a budget to me for full signed grateful dead stuff for 300$ due to there crap . 

Most collectors that are burned are done with autographs once they find out.

Thanks for the Discussion Steve,

I had High.End.Mem try to sue me! For not paying for my purchase of a Godfather Cast Signed.., get this.., a movie poster signed with Brando, Pacino and Diretor plus full cast original. lolll with certs. But, Certs that they didn't display while at Auction but said COAs would be revealed after the auction ended. loll what tha? 

I thought this to be hilarious. It was obviously a massive fake for anyone with eyes. two hands did the whole piece. So I bid @ $300 opening bid, knowing the real deal is worth 8-10k easy more like 12-15k, I bid just to open up communciation with the Auctioneer whom I told three times "this item is an 'obvious forgery' stating the meany reasons why! and asked for them to stop runnin the fake. From this point they did not communicate back to me. Come that afternoon I got an email saying congratulations you won Brando Signed PAY NOW from Liveauction and High End posers!

Lmaooo, They are taking the pi$$. Mate, I fired so many rockets at them they had no recourse in the never end. The funny thing is that they kept coming at me, trying to force me using the law of auctions, time and again for a 4-5 week period.

How can this type of behaviour be tolerated and not punished?? Im confused truly.

Im not too sure of the Law in the US, but surely somewhere it must say this is highly illegal, entrapment is no joke. Im really concerened. 

Why dont they get locked up i ask you guys..?, and Steve with your experience what do you think if you have time mate? 

Sorry for the length guys - Peace out!

Just like poker, its a great feeling when you call their bluff and they have no cards to show! 




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