How does Global Authentics (GA) compare to PSA and JSA?

Are they as reliable as the other 3rd party authenticators? 

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Oh boy, I just happened to get on and see this post first so I will give you my opinion. Psa and Jsa are the most legit of the big authentication companys,though they all do make mistakes. Ga in my opinion authenticates too many forgeries and carries 0 weight with me as far as authenticating autographs. My answer would be No they are not as reliable. And I know what others here will tell you.

No chance. GA stickers a ton of forgeries. Adding that sticker to your item kills it's value. Items not authenticated worth more in a lot of instances.

GA belong with Morales and Max- total waste of space

While I am not a fan of PSA and JSA, GA is pure trash.  At least w/ PSA and JSA, there's a general tendency to get it right.  GA either does know, doesn't care or exists solely to empower the forgery business.  

Just watch out for staff members 100,403 and 157,548. Those guys are just no good

Run from anything gai/ga as they are the forgers favorite authenticator since they love to pass forgeries. 

I have yet to see anything authentic from either GAI or GA.
That's a little over the top. There are items out there that GA gets right. Just far outnumbered by the fake crap they sticker.
Rick, I didn't say there weren't any good items. I said that I have yet to see any. I can only speak for the items that I am familiar with and those that I have seen.

GA is a complete joke, tons of Lebron/Manning/Luck/Jeter/Rivera/Puig forgeries. PSA/DNA and JSA make mistakes, but Global Authentics flat out stickers obvious forgeries over and over. Avoid. 

Are you sure you just dont have slanted views Ryan?? Before placing blame, try and remember that its not Globals fault, its former staff members 5 through 257,387.  GA is on ebays approved authenticator list, didnt you know.  LOL

How is ga even a company? They get NOTHING right



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