First, let me say congratulations to Patriots fans! What an absolutely stunning comeback by Tom Brady and his teammates in Super Bowl LI. If there was even still the slightest question about who is the GOAT's now settled. Brady has 7 Super Bowl appearances (most all-time) and 5 Super Bowl titles (most all-time). And that comeback from down 28-3 starting with about 2:30 left in the 3rd quarter, is more than the stuff legends are made of. It just added even more to Brady's already untouchable legacy.

So tonight I was looking on eBay to see where prices are going, and I saw that Tristar is offering replica full-size Super Bowl LI Tom Brady signed helmets for about $1000 each. Since Brady is now widely-regarded as the best ever, will his prices approach the level of Michael Jordan UDA items? I'd say MJ signed UDA jerseys go for about $1500-$1800... I think. So are Brady items going to go in that direction?

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And Terrier, congrats buddy! Your Pats did it again. I don't know where Brady prices will go, but one thing's for sure: his autograph will always be in demand.
I have seen two private signings announced. Fanatics wants $1000 for a signed ball and I ran across another offering flats starting at $800ish. I wonder how much those with 4x SB inscriptions are selling for now lol.

If we presume he's never going to sign "4x SB" ever again, wouldn't that help to date the autograph to a particular time?

Probably, but it wouldn't necessarily be a good selling point. You have an inscription (a very expensive one) which is no longer accurate. Fans are going to opt for 5x (or whatever he ends up with).

I see what you're saying, Rich. The 4x SB Champ inscription could, instead of adding value as initially thought, actually now make it more difficult to sell than a simple "Tom Brady" autograph. New buyers may decide to either go for a 5x piece or just a simple or the other...but not want a 4x piece. Of course, with Brady still playing...maybe some people will not even want the newer inscription...because Brady may win another SB...or two. My prediction is that when he retires, Brady will at least be a 6x SB Champ. I really think he will win one or two more!

He'll probably end up charging that much, at least for a while. Jordan was (and is) a much bigger cultural icon who was known very well worldwide, so that might be the difference here.

Ya, I agree, Rich. Jordan is a much bigger cultural icon, going all the way back to the "If I could be like Mike" videos. Jordan has been very popular worldwide.

Not that that comeback will equate him with Jordan, but Brady's EPIC, stunning comeback added greatly, imo, to an already legendary status. Not only was it huge to get ring no. 5, but the way it came about was just the icing on the cake. There may have been no one else that could have pulled that off.
I am new to this and curiouw if this signature looks legit. It came with a Certificate of authenticity but I want to know for sure.

Ho, Jennifer. Did you mean to post a photo?

Yes I meant to it didn't uploar
Yes I meant to it didn't uploar

You might want to scan it if you can for a clearer image. I'm not particularly good with Brady autographs, but I know there are few others here who are.


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